We offer courses on psychological themes to people with chronical diseases and their family members, to medical staff but also to enterprises and all interested parties. You can order lectures, workshops as well as whole-day seminars. Training is adapted to meet the needs and wishes of the client, details are agreed upon.

Some examples of the courses subjects you can order from us:

  • Psychological coping with the help of creative therapies.
  • Befriending yourself through art.
  • Emotions - friends or enemies?.
  • M-vitamin or how to help yourself through music therapy.
  • Through creative means towards a worthy life.
  • Chronic disease –  a complicated life partner.
  • How to cope with stressful situations.

  • My family member has a chronic disease – how should I go on living?
  • Carer´s self-care, the psychohygiene of the carer.
  • Time-out or how to prevent burnout.

  • Introduction into creative therapies. (lecture + workshop)
  • Development of social kills in a team.
  • Time-out or how to prevent burnout.
  • Colleague with special needs in the team.